Gadgets for motorists in the near future.

Gadgets carCar gadgets (device) are quickly developed and improved. More recently, going to another city, we took a satin, now we can’t imagine a car without a GPS navigator. And what will be gadgets for motorists in the near future?

This option is already installed on modern cars and allows to park without the aid of the driver, the system automatically finds a parking place and park the car automatically.
Night vision device (imager).

An example would be a system of night driving Pathfinder. It’s a small thermal imaging camera, which can significantly facilitate driving at night or in poor visibility conditions. The camera can detect pedestrians, animals, vehicles and other objects on the road and the roadside much further and clearer than the light of conventional headlights.
Monitor built into the windshield.

Ho-Tzu Cheng designer suggested the new device, which is called the Full-Rear-View Windscreen Monitor. This widescreen monitor is installed in the upper part of the windscreen, which fully displays the rear view.