Replace 08 Chevy Impala Headlight Bulb

Why couldn’t pick Chevy enveloped in after him out today in a blizzard I came home and found out that one headlight itself. So I will be changing their here momentarily I have to go look on the internet figure out how to get this thing out here does not immediately apparent. There’s a plastic clip. And there’s a 7 millimeter screw holding them. So when those come out of the way loose in this already. The rand. Secondly some milk millimeters group. Pull off. Put. Now the headlight swings out. The. But. Okay well we have about.

08 Chevy Impala HeadlightsI We got one big wiring connector will take that off. And then hll open this pocket right here where the lamp all this I actually need to change. Okay so. Look in the headlight assembly. See the waistline. This is your low beam. If you’re hiding. The main connector. It connects the headlight assembly to the car so. But we this right here this tab. We together holster it out. Okay Sir go. Cover. Counterclockwise rotate. Pull it open. But. And there’s our lamp but we need to change. Which for 2000 like that H11 Howard 11 bald. And that is a H9 in the high beam if if you need to change that. At age 11. That’s the same thing.

At that time like right there sold. It is one of my. Well beings is out which is this one. I’m going to actually replace them both and then I will keep. The other ball over there that’s good has a spare from my protector like down there. Alright so it’s even figure out how to get the thing out. Dick Heller clockwise rotate. And it is. It actually comes. It’s like that. All right temple that there are only 2 hands to do this job. And look who is up already but this will quit break here 08 impala headlights. Pull up on it. Go up this way. And when you do that it will disengage the clip. Occam’s bald. And this one goes in the trash. Now when you put the other one and. Obviously do the reverse of very thing we just did. Make you don’t touch that glass because if you gotta finger oils or something like that on the. Like a hot spot on the bold and it will burn out much faster.

And Cynthia are fairly expensive. Make sure it’s clean. If you do get something out of. Kleenex rubbing alcohol those are good. I typically with just a wipe it off with politically knocks a dry physically mac. And make sure that you actually use. Clean act without any oil in it. If you could tell they were lotion in it that would be really bad for that ball so. Good luck. I think you’re up on the go quick.