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2006 Hyundai Tucson Review

My name is Capri candle I work for south town Monday as a sales associate today were going to be talking about 2006 Hyundai Tucson. Underneath the hood of the 2 song you’ve got a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine. Right it’s ready to get your 168 horsepower. Now depending on whether you want go all wheel drive front wheel drive a reasonable 40 to. Alan on the highway. Extremist fuel efficient. For an SUV as well will look Carlos refines fluidic. And basically what it would do is that’s. Suppose we very aerodynamic you know when you’re driving down high speeds into the wind. Suppose that shares a supposed to flow right over the top of the vehicle right ergonomics.

2006 hyundai tucsonAgain improve your fuel costs. Here to use our 20 inch chrome aftermarket wheels you know like I said you know we kinda like the jazz off our shoulders arsenic look a little nicer. But when you buy a car brand new and if you don’t like aftermarket wheels are gonna get some. Teenage alloy wheels. Aluminum alloy wheels right so they look a little nicer and they’re also lighter material that steel so again that’s that’s helping out field harmony by you know the big thing is a cosmetic alloy wheels looks a little nicer. And a steel wheel up shop 2006 Hyundai Tucson headlights. Because of the 5 passenger SUV with the back. Holding down in a 6040 split to increase our cargo reviewed a little more so you know if you’re carrying stops several golf clubs are hockey fixtures recipients are snowboards again right a fold the seats down thrown in and you’ll be able to post.

So jumping inside of this more would you know us to. You’re going to get leverage bolstering with cloth inserts on. You know you’ve got things like Bluetooth for your cell phone hands free voice activation Islam. You know who’s controlling stereo mountain audio. You’ve got a window wiper de icer so basically what it is front windshield. Bottom, Dole things of heat up the wiper blades in the cold winter months that’ll prevent the wiper blades sticking in the windshield.

So when you come in in the morning it snowed the night before you don’t have to worry about your window wipers not working. When she Tom you know you’ve got of other things like heated seats of course XM satellite radio and of course all your standard things like power windows and locks. Air conditioning and all that. So slot wraps up the the Hyundai Tucson and began my name is Capri candle are ever interested in getting any information test either one of these. Come on down and see me of Southtown.